Counselors' Corner 1/4/19

Fri, 01/04/2019 - 2:20pm

Friendly Reminder - Giving Gators: Necessities Drive!

As we close the chapter on yet another year, we often reflect on the things for which we are most fortunate. For some, housing, clothing, and food are the norm. For others, these items can be hard to come by. As a result, the Gorman Go-Getters (GCES’s AWESOME 5th grade leaders) are spearheading a drive for those in need. The drive will run from Wednesday, January 2nd – Friday, January 18th. Items we collect will be donated to various area shelters. Here is what we would like to donate:

  • Diapers (various sizes)
  • Wipes
  • Deodorant (male and female)
  • Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
  • Shampoo & Conditioner for ALL Ethnicities
  • Hair Brushes and Hair Ties
  • Hats & Scarves & Gloves
  • New OR Lightly used AND FRESHLY WASHED coats
  • New OR Lightly used AND FRESHLY WASHED infant/toddler clothes
  • New OR Lightly used AND FRESHLY WASHED kids clothes
  • New OR Lightly used AND FRESHLY WASHED and adult clothes

Please know, you do NOT have to donate any of the above. Also, as you clear out your own and your child(ren)’s winter clothes that no longer fit, or just aren’t worn anymore, to make room for the new, feel free to donate them to this cause. However, if you already have your own hand-me-down system in place and cannot give, that is very much appreciated and we understand.

Your child (and/or you) can start bringing these items in now.

Thank you in advance for your time and your kindness,

Katie Tasch

School Counselor


PBIS Weekly/Bi-weekly Celebrations!!!!

How are our Gators spending their hard-earned money (Gordy Bucks) for showing Respectful, Responsible, and Ready behaviors? See below!


1/4/19 Mix it up lunch with teachers
1/11/19 Legos and block STEM activity
1/18/19 Maker Space Bins
1/25/19 Science Experiment

First Grade

1/4/19 Fun Friday (Board Games)
1/11/19 Team Building (Longest Paper Chain)
1/18/19 Fun Friday (How to make slime...)
1/25/19 Team Building (Oreo Cookie Moon Phases)



1/4/19 Gordy Store/ Team Building, Balloon Team Volley
1/11/19 Gordy Store/ PBIS
1/18/19 Gordy Store/ PBIS
1/25/19 Gordy Store/ Team Building



1/11 Focus: Ready Write with a Marker or Pen
1/18 Forcus: Respectful Bingo Game
1/25 Focus: Responsible Finger Flashlight Reading



1/2 Cash in snacks during IDR
1/18 Coupons
1/25 Team Building Snowball Activity



1/12 Cash in snacks during IDR
1/18 Coupons
1/25 Team Building Snowball Activity


Classroom Guidance Lessons with Mrs. Tasch & Mrs. Coppi

Mrs. Tasch (M-F Grades 1, 2, 4 & 5) and Mrs. Coppi (M, T, some F Grades K & 3)

Updates on Classroom Guidance with Mrs. Tasch

The second cycle of classroom guidance lessons will begin this month! Classes in grades 1 and 5 will receive 3 lessons over the course of 6 weeks. Classes in grades 2 & 4 will begin their 3 lessons the beginning of March.

First Grade

Lesson 1 – Helpful/Hurtful Words (Self-Management Skills)

Lesson 2 – Affirmations/Positive Self-Talk (Self-Management Skills)

Lesson 3 – Listening and Following Directions (Learning Strategies)

Fifth Grade

Lesson 1 – Time Management (Learning Strategies)

Lesson 2 – Middle School Transition (Self-Management Skills)

Lesson 3 – Middle School Transition (Self- Management Skills)

Updates on Classroom Guidance with Mrs. Coppi


Students will be learning about controlling angry feelings using the book Howard B. Wigglebottom by Howard Binkow. Students will be able to identify how their body tells them they are feeling angry and try strategies to get those feelings out in a healthy way.

Parents/Guardians can help their child(ren) by stopping in a moment of anger and/or frustration to identify their body signals (clenched fists, headache, hot face, tight stomach). Creating a family cool down box can be a fun activity to brainstorm ways to release anger in healthy ways. Write them down on plastic "ice cubes" or just on pieces of paper. Place them in a cool down box (be creative and decorate it together). When your child needs an idea to help "blow off some steam", have them pick one of the ideas from the box randomly and try it out.

3rd Grade

Students will be reflecting on their responsible behavior by identifying their areas of strength and weakness (i.e. keeping desk & backpack tidy, having materials organized & ready, listen to teacher/adult in charge, nice to others). Discussion will be based on what others see and hear from responsible students and one responsible act to improve on in the new year.

Parents/Guardians should be on the lookout for the responsible quiz/worksheet coming home after their child(ren)'s lesson to reflect and possibly aid in their goal.