Counselors' Corner 11/14/18

Wed, 11/14/2018 - 4:27pm

Katie Tasch: (M-F) Servicing:  1st, 2nd, 4th, & 5th                  

Sarah Coppi: (M, T, designated F) Servicing: K & 3rd 


Classroom Guidance with Mrs. Tasch

This year, those students in grades 1, 2, 4, & 5 will receive classroom guidance lessons in rotations. Each rotation is broken into approximately 2 six week cycles. During the first 6 weeks, grades 1 & 5 receive 3 classroom guidance lessons. During the second 6 weeks, grades 2 & 4 receive 3 classroom guidance lessons. Lessons take place in individual classrooms. Currently, students in grades 2 & 4 are receiving classroom guidance lessons. They will participate in the following 3 lessons which are projected to be completed on or before December 21st:

Second Grade

Lesson 1 – Students review the school-wide conflict resolution program Kelso’s Choices. Students work to recall the difference between a BIG PROBLEM and a small problem and identify how to solve each. BIG PPROBLEMS require one to get the Nearest Trusted Adult (NTA) for help. One can go to the NTA for a personal BIG PROBLEM, or for a BIG PROBLEM that belongs to someone else. Small problems are solved by trying 2 different Kelso Choices before going to a trusted adult for help. If the small problem does not belong to an individual, said individual needs to let those involved in the small problem work it out. BIG PROBLEM criteria: someone is hurt; someone could get hurt; it is dangerous or law breaking; and/or strangers are involved. Small problem criteria: it isn’t a big problem (School Counseling Core Curriculum).
Lesson 2 – Students explore how “put downs” and “put ups” affect others. They also identify various put downs in the story, “Stephanie’s Ponytail” by Robert Munsch. Following the story, students practice giving “put ups” to one another and identify not only their feeling when RECEIVING a “put up,” but also how it feels to GIVE a “put up” (School Counseling Core Curriculum).
Lesson 3 – Students participate in a lesson exploring embracing differences and celebrating uniqueness (School Counseling Core Curriculum).

Fourth Grade

Lesson 1 – Students explore both positive and negative feelings and identify how to either maintain positive feelings or improve negative feelings. Students also review the school-wide conflict resolution program called Kelso’s Choices (School Counseling Core Curriculum).
Lesson 2 – Students review how to identify the difference between normal peer conflict and bullying, as well as review the 3 types of bullying (physical, social, verbal) with a focus on how negative gossip and rumors are types of social bullying. Students listen to the read aloud story “Mr. Peabody’s Apples” by Madonna, which demonstrates how gossip and rumors ruin reputations (School Counseling Core Curriculum).
Lesson 3 – Students begin a 3-part lesson on Growth Mindset. The first lesson is titled, “The Fantastic Elastic Brain.” The remaining two lessons will take place starting in late February/March.

First and Fifth Grades

Students will participate in 3 classroom guidance lessons between January 2nd and February 22nd. More information about these lessons will follow at a later date.

You can reach Mrs. Tasch by phone 410-880-5900 or by email:

Classroom Guidance with Mrs. Coppi


Students are engaging in sharing strategies by using good manners (i.e.” Please may I use that toy?”, “I’m using this now- I’ll give it to you when I’m finished”, “Thank you”/”You’re welcome”). We are reading The Mine-o-saur by Sudipta Barden-Quallen to illustrate why it is important to be kind and share with others - it’s more fun to share and play together than have all the toys by yourself! Please be on the lookout for the worksheet coming home after your child’s lesson this month to review the story and practice sharing at home.

Third Grade

Students are continuing the perspective taking unit of Weird! by Erin Frankel. This month we are reading the 2nd story, Dare! to add onto the story from a different point of view in this bullying situation. Students are identifying the components of a bullying situation by using PIC. All work completed is being graded for completion as health grades.
What is PIC?
Purposeful- bullying behaviors do not occur on accident. They are done on purpose to an identified target.
Imbalance of Power- the person engaging in bullying behaviors has something over the target (i.e. age, physical size, size of group, etc.)
Continuous- bullying behaviors happen over and over again.

You can reach Mrs. Coppi by phone 410-880-5900 or by email:

Food for Thought – Online Safety

Are you monitoring your children’s screen time AND sites they are visiting when they go on the internet? If not, please consider doing so. More information will follow on this topic in the next counselor’s corner newsletter.
PBIS Quarter 1 Acknowledgements
So, how are the kids spending their hard-earned Gordy Bucks? Find your child/ren’s grade level below to find out! Happy Spending!

Date                          Activity                                                                             Volunteers Needed
11/16/18       Centers in another room                                                                             No
11/30/18       Board Games with another class                                                                No
12/7/18         Marshmallow toothpick structures and snack                                             No
12/14/18       Snow or holiday slime or play snow (conditioner and baking soda)           Yes*
12/21/18       Kinder Winter Party    Yes*
*Contact your child’s teacher if you would like to volunteer for the event on 12/14 & 12/21

11/16/18     Fun Friday (Leaf Rubbing)                                                                             No
11/30/18     Team Building (Pasta Race)                                                                          No
12/7/18       Fun Friday (Paper/Popsicle stick snowflakes)                                               No
12/14/18     Team Building (Hundreds/tens/ones towers)                                                 No
12/21/18     Fun Friday (Winter Craft)                                                                               No

11/16/18      Gordy Store/ Team Building - Human Caterpillar                                          No
11/30/18      Gordy Store - PBIS-                                                                                      No
12/7/18       Team Building - Team Building - Board Games                                             No
12/14/18     Gordy Store/ PBIS -                                                                                       No
12/21/18     School-wide PBIS Day                                                                                  No

Nov. 16 – Fri.    Respectful    Board Games with 5th Grade                                            No
Nov. 30 - Fri     Responsible    Wear a Funny Hat                                                           No
Dec. 7 – Fri.     Ready    Kirigami                                                                                    No
Dec. 14 – Fri.    Respectful    Pajama Day                                                                      No
Dec. 21 – Fri.    Responsible    Schoolwide Celebration                                                 No

11/16/18    Coupons                                                                                                         No
12/7/18      Cash in Bring in a Board Game                                                                     No
12/14/18    Coupons                                                                                                         No
12/21/18    Winter Act with Grade 1                                                                                 No

11/23/18     PJ/Movie Winter Scene                                                                                No
12/7/18       Paper Airplanes                                                                                           No
12/21/18     BYOD                                                                                                          No

December 21st – School-wide PBIS Celebration
Students had an AMAZING time celebrating the Quarter 1 PBIS School-wide celebration. Students will be taking the next survey to find the top six choices during the last week of November in their technology related arts class. Thanks to Mr. Hoffman and Mrs. Manela for doing this survey with all their classes! More information will follow once we know the top six choices for primary and intermediate. Stay tuned!