This Week in Guidance...

Fri, 09/29/2017 - 10:11am

Kindergarten: Students learned about personal space by listening to the story "Personal Space Camp" by Julia Cook. Then they used hula hoops to define individual personal space, while walking around the room to music making sure not to cross into other student's personal space. If one's hula hoop crossed over another student's hula hoop (signaling one's personal space boundary was interrupted), students practiced saying, "More space please." When the music stopped, students had to find their nearest partner without interrupting one's personal space and exchange information based on the topic thrown out to the students (i.e., exchange student names, favorite food, favorite color, etc.). Students also talked about the fact that personal space boundaries look different based on the situation. For example, personal space around a stranger should be really big, but personal space when reading with a parent would be really small.

First Grade: Students explored various ways to show kindness by listening to the story, "The Kindness Quilt" written by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace. Students generated additional ways they can show kindness to others at GCES this school year. Each student illustrated one way s/he could show kindness on a "quilt square" in order to create a grade level GCES Kindness Quilt.

2nd Grade: While reading the story, "My Mouth is a Volcano" by Julia Cook students explored their feelings when they are interrupted and identified those feelings as negative feelings. They also explored how it would make others feel to be interrupted, again eliciting negative feelings. Since all classes identified that they do not wish to have or cause negative feelings, students generated a list of things they can do to ensure they do not interrupt others, as well as how to handle when they are interrupted.

3rd Grade Students listened to the story, “Enemy Pie” by Derek Munson. Prior to reading the story, students identified things they would add to a pie for their enemy. (Remind me NEVER to get on their bad side. LOL!) After reading the story, students were able to identify positive actions they can take to make and keep friends as well as positive actions they can take to extend the olive branch. Kindness wins, PHEW! (Lesson Delivery: Mrs. Steinberg 9/19; Mrs. Reinhard 9/20; Mrs. Aranguren 10/3; Mrs. Bow 10/5; Ms. Holden 10/6

4th Grade – Students reviewed Kelso’s Choices by identifying the difference between a big problem and a small problem, as well as how to solve the two types of problems. (Big = tell the nearest trusted adult as someone is or could get hurt. Small = use a solution from Kelso’s Wheel.) Students then applied this information to various situations during a read aloud “Our Friendship Rules” by Peggy Moss and Dee Dee Tardif. (Lesson Delivery: Mrs. McQueen 9/19; Mrs. Sutcliff 9/20; Mrs. Nix 10/2; Ms. Irving 10/5; Mrs. Kirley 10/6)